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Hello world!

My name is Sam, i'm an indie developer and i've spent one year in the developing of my project: PhotoChain.
Working like as indie dev is not easy, but finally we're proud to release a stable open beta for everyone! PhotoChain is a new way in photosharing applications.
It's not a social, just an anonymous photosharing platform, the only way to communicate with the other users is trough your passion for photography.
All you need to do is to create a new chain, give it any title and describe it, the only limit is your fantasy! After that, you have to shoot the first picture and you can choose to send it to one of your contacts or to a random user all over the world.
Remember, you can choose only one receiver and you have to shoot the picture yourself from your smartphone.
This is an App that wants to encourage the creativity of You users, we want the pictures to be made by You!
The one receiver of your chain will add his own picture respecting your theme and choosing then a new receiver himself.
Your chain will grow larger as long friends of you and friends of your friends will add pictures, just for the eyes who gave a contribution to it!
Still, there's a lot of work to do, i'm still too far away from my original graphical and functional target, but to complete my project i need your support and interest in my idea, so i can continue to invest time and money into my project, so try it and help us to grow!
You can download PhotoChain for free for ios (iphone 5+) or android (4.4+, 1gb ram at least) with the links below, thank you so much!